International Business Management with Co-op

Program Description

The aim of the International Business Management Diploma Program is to provide students with the academic foundation to become Managers and Administrators in the domestic as well international business environment including imports and exports. It will be a stepping stone to enter into the workforce, or pursue higher education wherever applies. Students will be equipped with in-depth knowledge of business theories, policies and procedures and be prepared to take a responsible position within the domestic and international business world. The program refines a student’s commitment to personal values, moral excellence and professional competence. Upon successful completion, students will have acquired qualitative as well quantitative skills in decision-making, problem solving and leadership for the global business world. Student will apply these skills and competencies during 52 weeks long co-op in the related area.

Career Occupation* (if applicable)

There are several NOCs where IBM Diploma graduate will be able to work. The best suited one is 1521 that includes following key occupations among others;

billing rate clerk, cargo location clerk, delivery clerk, distribution clerk, export traffic clerk, export-booking clerk, freight checker, freight forwarding clerk, freight receiver, freight receiver clerk, freight receiving clerk, freight shipper, import freight clerk, import traffic clerk, receiving checker, receiving clerk, shipping agent, shipping and receiving clerk, shipping clerk, stock handler, stock receiver, supercargo supply chain assistant, warehouse receiver, warehouse shipper, warehouse shipping clerk.

Admission Requirements

Grade 12 or equivalent; or mature student with English language proficiency with a proof of a minimum score of 5.5 in IELTS or equivalent. If applicant does not have proof of english language proficiency, he/she has to pass New Link College ESL adult program.

Student is required to bring his/her own laptop or tablet when program starts.

Learning Objectives*

Upon completion of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

§  Use business application of MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook at work place.

§  Prepare business communication documents at the workplace.

§  Present business ideas in professional business and academic writing formats.

§  Write memo, emails, letters, formal and informal reports

§  Use mathematical tools for calculations related to business activities.

§   Complete accounting cycle

§  Complete accounting for various components of assets, liabilities and owners equity.

§  Apply strategic marketing decisions and complete a marketing plan

§  Discuss global economics and international Trade

§  Determine feasibility international trade using different techniques e.g. situational analysis, cost pricing analysis, risk analysis etc.

§  Based on analysis of comprehensive planning, could identify and plan various market entry strategies.

§  Explain importance and identify implications of international trade logistics.

§  Explain development and adaptation of products and service in international market.

§  Identify various financial resources available for international trade.

§  Apply international business concepts at the work place during Co-op.

Method(s) of Evaluation*

Following are indicators to assess the learning process of a student for most of courses. Assessment for few individual courses may differ. Please see individual course outlines:

·      Attendance:                                 10%

·      In-Class Activities/Quizzes:         30%

·      Mid-term Exam:                           30%

·      Final Exam:                                   30%

       Total                                             100%

Completion Requirements*

At least 75% attendance, and

At least 60% marks in overall performance mentioned in above section for each course.

Program Duration

Duration of program is distributed as follow;

1.     Academic Instructional Hours: 1040 -52 weeks

2.     Co-op hours: 1040 hours – 52 weeks

3.     Total Duration: 2080 hours – 104 weeks

Homework Hours

Students are expected to have at least 10 hour of homework per week to complete this course.

Delivery Methods

In-class instruction

Required Course Materials

1.     Bucki, L. A., Walkenbach, J., Wempen, F., Alexander, M., & Kusleika, D. (2013). Microsoft Office 2013 BIBLE; John Wiley

2.     Essentials of Business Communication, 8th Edition, Guffey, Marry Ellen; South-Western, Cengage Learning

3.     Hummelbrunner, S. A., Halliday, K., Hassanlou, A. R., & Coombs, K. S. Contemporary Business Mathematics with Canadian Applications. 11ed, Canada: Pearson.

4.     Lovewell, M. (2015). Understanding Economics: A Contemporary Perspective (7th ed.). Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson.

5.     Larson, K., Jensen, T., & Dieckmann, H. (2015). Fundamental Accounting Principles. Vol 1; Canada: McGraw Hill.

6.     Larson, K., Jensen, T., & Dieckmann, H. (2015). Fundamental Accounting Principles. Vol 2; Canada: McGraw Hill.

7.     Principles of Marketing; (2016); Kotler & Armstrong; Pearson Canada

8.     Feasibility of International Trade published by FITT

9.     International Market Entry Strategies published by FITT

10.  Global Value Chain published by FITT

11.  Products and Services for Global Market published by FITT

12.  International Trade Finance published by FITT

13.  International Sales and Marketing published by FITT

Program Organization

List the titles of the courses in this program in the order they are provided and the hours of instruction allotted to each.

For programs with work experience component(s) list the number of hours of instruction for each work experience component of the program.  List the work experience element in the order in which it is provided along with the other courses in the program.


Title of Course/Work Experience Component * # of Hours*
1.     Business Apllications 80
2.     Business communication 80
3.     Business Math 80
4.     Economics 80
5.     Introductory Accounting 1 80
6.     Introductory Accounting 2 80
7.     Introduction to Marketing 80
8.     Feasibility of International Trade 80
9.     International Market Entry Strategy 80
10.  Global Value Chain 80
11.  Product and Services for global Market 80
12.  International trade Finance 80
13.  International Sales and Marketing 80
Total Academic Hours 1040
Orientation of work environment, workplace manners, Communication – oral and written, email, memos etc, 260
Application of Accounting and finance concepts 260
Marketing, marketing plan, marketing strategies, sales,  global value chain 260
Analysis of economic and business environment, trade financing, processes and procedures of international trade 260
Total Co-op Hours 1040
Total Program Hours 2080

Tuition Fee (Variable)

Domestic Students:

Application Fee: $ 200.00 (non-refundable)

Tuition: $ 14,300.00

Textbooks Fee: $ 2,000.00

International Students:

Application Fee: $ 200.00 (non- refundable)

Tuition: $ 16,900.00

Textbooks Fee: $ 2,000.00