English Skills Upgrading

Program Description

The program provides opportunities for students to upgrade their English language skills in all four skill areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Career Occupation* (if applicable)


Admission Requirements

New Link College placement test is used to determine language proficiency. The placement test scores are used to place students at an appropriate level.

Learning Objectives*

The program will develop student academic English language proficiency including the use of either receptive (listening and reading) and/or communicative language skills (speaking and writing) through connecting each lesson topic or activities with academic English context.

Upon completion of this program, students will

  • demonstrate improvement in English proficiency in writing, reading, listening and speaking.
  • increasingly meet the standards of the academic learning context.
  • develop academic English literacy aligned with the provincial curriculum.
  • nurture self-pride and self-identity in each student’s linguistic and cultural heritage

Method(s) of Evaluation*

Formative assessments are contained in the lessons.  Summative assessments are based on the following criteria:

20% for attendance and participation (80% attendance is required)

20% for quizzes

20% for assignments

40% final exam

Students should achieve an overall average of 70% to advance to the next level and/or complete their program.

Completion Requirements*

There is no graduation per se. Students need to fulfil 80% of the course and achieve an overall average of 70% to advance to the next level and/or complete their program. (Students who choose to take courses that are less than 260 hours would receive assessments throughout the course but will not be issued a certificate of completion)

Program Duration

780 hours; 260 hours per course, students may register anywhere from 4 weeks to 78 weeks.

Homework Hours

2 to 4 hours per week

Delivery Methods

In-class instruction and distance instruction

Required Course Materials

All learning materials are provided by the College. Class copies may be available.

Program Organization

Title of Course # of Hours*
English Skills Upgrading Pre-Intermediate 260 hours
English Skills Upgrading Intermediate 260 hours
English Skills Upgrading Upper-intermediate 260 hours

Tuition Fee (Variable)

$1,889.00 per 1 month (full time)                         $850.00 per 1 month (part time)

$3,587.00 per 2 months (full time)                       $1,615.00 per 2 months (part time)

$5,099.00 per 3 months (full time)                       $2,295.00 per 3 months (part time)

$9,064.00 per 6 months (full time)                       $4,080.00 per 6 months (part time)

$11,330.00 per 12 months (full time)                  $7,140.00 per 12 months (part time)


The language programs that are longer than 6 months or for which tuition is CAD$4000 or over are protected by PTA. For more details please refer to http://www.privatetraininginstitutions.gov.bc.ca