Preparation for SAT Examinations

Program Description

New link College offers a program for preparation for SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) examinations. Course content includes: reading, writing, grammar, and test strategies.

Career Occupation* (if applicable)


Admission Requirements

SAT score of 1200 (student may be required to complete a practice test); alternatively student may be currently enrolled in a regular school where English is the language of instruction (min grade 9).

Learning Objectives*

Students will have advanced their skills and knowledge in      preparation for SAT examinations.

Upon completion of this program/ course students will have the advanced their skills and knowledge in preparation for SAT examinations. Student will be able to:

·       Show improvement on reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and test strategies.

·       Understand the contents and scoring of the SAT.

·       Explain and apply strategies for answering questions in each SAT section.

·       Structure and write an essay in response to an SAT prompt.

·       Increase scores on SAT tests.

Method(s) of Evaluation*

Instructors provide ongoing formative assessment throughout the course.

Completion Requirements*

There is no graduation Students need to fulfill 80% of the course for completion.

Program Duration

96 hours. Students can start a course at the beginning a new topic area.

Homework Hours

2-3 hrs/ week

Delivery Methods

In-class instruction

Required Course Materials

Learning materials/ resources are supplied by New Link College. Examples of resources include: Official SAT Study Guide, College Board.  Published resources are supplemented by online sources and in-house curriculum and teacher made materials.

Program Organization


Name of course Hours (F/T)
Preparation for SAT Examinations I (PRE- SAT) 48 hours (part – time)
Preparation for SAT Examinations II (SAT) 48 hours (part – time)

Tuition Fees: $ 3,840.00