Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) Preparation

The program of instruction does not require approval under the Private Training Act.

Program Description

Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) Preparation program is designed for students who are seeking entrance to independent schools. The purpose of the SSAT is to measure the basic verbal, quantitative, and reading kills students develop over time. The intent of this program is to assist students to gain:

-knowledge and skills for the test

-motivation, creativity and persistence through test preparation

-the familiarity for the test

Career Occupation* (if applicable)


Admission Requirements

Students are currently enrolled a regular school where English is the language of instruction. An Official SSAT practice test maybe used to determine proficiency.

Learning Objectives*

Upon completion of the program, students will have advanced their knowledge in preparation for SSAT examinations; meanwhile, students can improve their motivation of learning, creativity and persistence through this test preparation program. The reading and writing skills of young learners will be standardized and improved accordingly.

Method(s) of Evaluation*

Formative assessments are contained in the lessons. Summative assessments are based on the following criteria:

20% for attendance and participation (80% attendance is required)

20% for quizzes

40% for assignments

20% final exam

Completion Requirements*

Students need to complete the instruction hours and pass 70% of the assessments to receive a certificate of completion

Program Duration

52 hrs./ 13 weeks

Homework Hours

2-3 hrs/ week

Delivery Methods

In-class instruction

Required Course Materials

All learning materials are provided by the College. Class copies may be available.

Program Organization

Title of Course # of Hours*
SSAT Preparation 52 hours/13 weeks