Preparation for Secondary Provincial exams

The program of instruction does not require approval under the Private Training Act.

Program Description

The program is to develop students’ knowledge and skills for literary analysis, preparing them for embracing challenges of BC provincial exams.

Career Occupation* (if applicable)


Admission Requirements

IELTS 5; alternatively students may be currently enrolled in a regular school where English is the language of instruction (min grade 9).

Learning Objectives*

Upon completion of this program, students will have advanced their skills and knowledge in preparation for provincial examinations. Students will improve their level of English literacy with a Canadian cultural format.

Method(s) of Evaluation*

Instructors will provide ongoing formative assessment throughout the course.

Completion Requirements*

There is no graduation per se. Students need to fulfil 80% of the course for completion.

Program Duration

48 hrs/ 12 weeks

Homework Hours

4 hours per week

Delivery Methods

In-class instruction

Required Course Materials

All learning materials are provided by the College. Class copies may be available.

Program Organization

Title of Course # of Hours*
 Preparation for Secondary Provincial exams 48 hours/12 weeks

Tuition: $ 1,300.00