Test Preparation for IELTS

Program Description

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language competencies of candidates who seek to study or work where English is the language of communication. Subject content for this program is framed around IELTS testing.

Students study the four main skill areas:

• Listening – Speaking - Reading -Writing

Career Occupation* (if applicable)


Admission Requirements

Prospective students can provide an official IELTS test transcript or equivalent (minimum IELTS 2).  Alternatively, an official IELTS practice test is used to determine proficiency and course placement.

Learning Objectives*

Upon completion of this program, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to have advanced their skills and knowledge in Listening, speaking, reading and writing in preparation for IELTS.

Method(s) of Evaluation*

Formative assessments are contained in the lessons.  Summative assessments are based on the following criteria:

20% for attendance and participation (80% attendance is required)

20% for quizzes

20% for assignments

40% final exam

Students should achieve an overall average of 70% to advance to the next level and/or complete their program.

Completion Requirements*

There is no graduation per se. Students need to fulfil 80% of the course for completion.

Program Duration

Variable (the total duration of the program is 1040 hours; 260 hours per course, students may register anywhere from 4 weeks to 104 weeks)

Homework Hours

2 to 4 hours per week

Delivery Methods

In-class instruction and distance instruction

Required Course Materials

All learning materials are provided by the College. Class copies may be available.


Program Organization

List the titles of the courses in this program in the order they are provided and the hours of instruction allotted to each.  


Title of Course # of Hours*
Test Preparation for IELTS - Basic level course 520 hours
Test Preparation for IELTS - Upper level course 260 hours
Test Preparation for IELTS - Lower level course 260 hours

Tuition Fee (Variable)

$1,889.00 per 1 month (full time)                         $1,290.00 per 1 month (part time)

$3,587.00 per 2 months (full time)                       $2,322.00 per 2 months (part time)

$5,099.00 per 3 months (full time)                       $3,290.00 per 3 months (part time)

$9,064.00 per 6 months (full time)                       $6,192.00 per 6 months (part time)

$11,330.00 per 12 months (full time)                  $10,836.00 per 12 months (part time)

The language programs that are longer than 6 months or for which tuition is CAD$4000 or over are protected by PTA. For more details please refer to http://www.privatetraininginstitutions.gov.bc.ca